Research Outputs

Staying Alive: Risk, Resistance and Responses to LGBT+ Youth Suicide in Scotland

My doctoral research, looking at LGBT+ youth suicide in Scotland, was hugely important to me both personally and professionally. So when I completed the research last year I was commited to finding ways to communicate it to different audiences, and I was delighted when I was successfully awarded a small pot of funding to organise an event as part of the ESRC’s Festival of Social Sciences. During the event I was able to share the research findings with service providers, practitioners and members of the community, and get their takes on the practicalities of implementing the suggestions made by participants.

When designing the event, I imagined it would attract a small, but engaged audience, releasing 80 tickets to ensure that each of the small discussion groups could have a facilitator. So I was both delighted and entirely surprised when all tickets were taken and there were a further 54 people on the waiting list! For people who couldn’t make it, and for those who could but want a reminder, you can download a short report providing an overview of the event (both the research findings and the discussions) here:

It also includes a reflection activity that you can complete yourself if you would like to think about ways that it would be possible to implement change in your own practices.

I hope that this event is the first of many opportunities to share this research and continue to seek out ideas to engage with different audiences. So, if you think that this research could help your organisation, or if you have ideas for future collaborations, please do not hesitate to get in touch:

I look forward to hearing from you!

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